TIL: if you are running the same test case over and over you can mash ⌃⌥⌘G and Xcode will rerun the last test case you just ran.

Importantly this will just run whatever you had run just before. So if it’s a whole test case, it runs that again. If it’s a single test it will run that again. If it’s multiple tests, it will run that again.

From a friend: It also preserves the run many times aspect. So if you're running 1000 times, you can keep hitting it to run 1000 more times.

You can also run “selected” tests with ⌃⌥⌘U so if you select some text, you can run the tests within that selection.

Where can I find these in the Menu bar?

These options all live in the Product menu under Perform Action labeled as Test and Test Again.

How did I find this?

The reason I stumbled upon this was because I was adding tests to a file that exists and it’s taking me a couple tries to get it all right. I want to be able to edit the setup steps and then run the XCTestCase again without running the entire Test Scheme or Test Plan. I looked into Xcode key bindings to see what was there and found this.

Hope it can help someone else!