Xcode GPG not found issue

If you use GPG and Xcode you may have run into this error.

Xcode error message saying GPG cannot be found

From what I can tell if doesn’t really matter and you can still commit just fine (in the terminal if you want to use GPG), but it was annoying me. So I went spelunking and found this post on GitHub. In the post the author shares a git config command we can use to solve the issue.

git config --global gpg.program $(which gpg)

Run this in your terminal and then when you create a project in Xcode, the warning should go away. Expect that you’ll need to enter your GPG password (if you have one) on the next project creation.

For reference, here is the gist I followed to set up my GPG key for macOS.

TIL: Xcode has the ability to split editors vertically

I have used VSCode for much of my career (for historical .NETy reasons) and really like its ability to split editor panes. Particularly the ability to split horizontally and vertically. I was bummed when moving to Xcode and found I wasn’t able to do this…Until now!

How to do split editor vertically in Xcode

  1. Open Xcode (seems like it has to be a project, not a playground)
  2. Go to File -> New -> Editor Below (ctrl + option + cmd + T) macOS Xcode menu with Editor Below highlighted

This is very exciting, but I look forward to when other editors support the VSCode feature of dragging those pane corners more than one direction at a time. (VSCode allows you to grab at the corner of two panes and drag horizontally, vertically, or diagonally all in one motion while Xcode and Nova only allow one direction per click).

I often use Siri to add things to a shopping list. And for some godforsaken reason it believes that “green salsa” is two items. What the hell?

It also thinks “oatmilk” is two items.

365 days is the longest and most consistently I’ve ever practiced Spanish. I’ve missed about a month or so and have used many streak freezes but I’m proud either way.

MarsEdit Download Preview Template Feature

I use an app called MarsEdit to author my blog posts. I really like it and I recommend anyone using a Mac to check it out. Great piece of indie developed software that just works.

Something cool that it enables is the ability to preview your post in the style of your blog. The template that comes with the app isn’t bad but of course it likely doesn’t match your site. In the past I’ve gone into the web inspector in Safari and took the html for my site and put it into the preview template.

I just learned however that MarsEdit has the ability to download a preview template from your website. I clicked the button and ~10 seconds later I have a preview of my site that just works. What an amazing feature. I don’t know if it’s new or not, but really appreciate the coolness factor.

Thanks again Red Sweater Software and @danielpunkass!

Universal Control on macOS and iPadOS

I’ve been using Universal Control since yesterday afternoon and I really love it. It’s seamless and I especially appreciate being able to isolate certain things to the iPad. This is particularly useful because I often pair program at work and it makes it so that I can talk to my wife or whomever without having to stop sharing or share that potentially private info. I wish the iPad could enable some sort of screensaver because I have some worries about it showing the same black text on white screen for most of the workday, but it’s not a deal breaker. If you have the means, I would highly recommend giving it a try. It feels even better because I’m using the Magic Trackpad so I can do all the gesture things on iPadOS.

Today I learned that March 14 is both pi day and Saint Louis, Missouri day (because 314 is the area code). Who knew.

Zombie baby

My daughter has decided she likes sleeping on her belly and it’s very cute. When she wakes up in the morning she launches her head up with such speed that it’s like she’s a zombie arising from the dead. The next thing she does is try to climb whatever is nearest, whether it’s us or the stacks of pillows around her. It’s both amazing and terrifying.

Being a dad. My daughter refuses to take a nap but is extremely crabby and exhausted. She’s currently grunting in bed having a good ol’ time.

My wife really makes a delicious sourdough. This was made from our sourdough starter, Constance. She’s been making them for a month or two now and I think this is the best one yet! 🥖

loaf of sourdough bread taken from above

I really appreciate the utility that Casey @liss showcased the other day. The one where you put emoji over your kids face. But the thing I really like about the photos of my kid is the faces she makes. Maybe I’ll have a use case one day. Like cute outfits or something. 🤔

Yesterday was a good day

Had a really fun day with the family yesterday. Went to a maple syrup festival and learned about how much work it is. I also got to try maple sugar which was phenomenal.

Later we drove into the city to eat at a local vegan taco place called Terror Tacos. They have a heavy metal theme. What a wonderful place to try if you’re around St. Louis. Had a delicious quesadilla, birria burrito, and nachos.

Finally we stopped in a big park and walked around a little and then put out a picnic blanket and hung out while my daughter crawled around.

Didn’t even have to use the ak.

How to make BBEdit show hidden files

I use BBEdit to write code and often have hidden files (files starting with a period) that I want to be able to see. This is a way for me to remember this in the future.

  1. Click on the magnifying glass in the bottom left
  2. Select Everything under Show
  3. Profit

The hard work of my wife paid off. After making a sour dough starter from scratch, a little trial and error, and only a tiny amount of stress 🤪 we have a beautiful load of bread.

Today I learned that my dad plays Wordle. I just assumed this was only big amongst the nerdy (❤️) crowd.

Cooking as a vegan is food safer. 🌱

Listening to an ATP episode from a couple years ago (because I’m currently listening to them all in order, but that’s a story for another time) and they’re talking about gift ideas. Marco Arment mentioned a kitchen thermometer and how you need it if you cooked and I’m reminded of how easy it is to cook and store food when you don’t eat animals. Y’all should try it. Food safety is basically a non issue.