HTMLInputElement type number fun fact

I am a web developer by day and was working on a feature that was supposed to create an input field that could only accept numbers. Super easy right?!

<input type="number" />

I’m demoing said feature to the client (after having tested this) and I’m bashing on the home row and nothing is printing. I type some numbers and they print. Then I grab some text and paste it in an bam, a single letter e. That’s weird. I try another word. Another letter e. Hmm. I tell the client we’ll look into it.

I shared this with a coworker and they were able to produce the same behavior. I then decided to look up the issue on the internet and of course this is a well known thing. I dig a little deeper and realize that the HTML spec allows for this behavior because of floating point numbers. For instance 2e5.

Anyways, that was a fun little journey.

Link to the HTML spec for input type=number

Burrito with refried pinto beans, Mexican rice, roasted potatoes, grilled on a comal, smothered in vegan cheese sauce, vegan sour cream, and herdez salsa chipotle cremosa. Outstanding. 🌯

Another burger. This time half beyond meat, half impossible, field roast chao cheese, pretzilla bun, bens spicy mustard, sir kensington ketchup, home made salsa verde, and Whole Foods β€œtater puffs”. Delicious!!!

Friday trip to Bombay Food Junkies

I got off a little early this past Friday and we decided to take a trip to Bombay Food Junkies. It’s a vegan indian restaurant in Creve Coeur, MO that has an amazing selection of food. We had taken a trip there a few weeks ago for an ice cream social and had the chance to try their wings, milkshakes, and sundaes. Everything was amazing we couldn’t wait to go back!

Last time we tried the buffalo wings, the chocolate milkshake, and the brownie sundae. This time we tried the mango habanero wings, the butter chicken with naan, the buffalo chicken sandwich with masala fries, and of course the brownie sundae. All I can say is wow. I can’t wait to go back. This weekend. πŸ‘€

mango habanero wings


butter chicken with naan


buffalo chicken sandwich with masala fries




brownie sundae


Finally made my own salsa verde. For about $7 I made 32 oz of salsa. Comparing this to the 16 oz jars of salsa I buy for $4 it’s a huge win. Less waste, better taste. I’ll fine tune this as I go, but I’m happy with the results.


I was listening to the FunFact (@funfactfm) podcast recently and they mentioned this website. I finally got around to looking at it and it’s so cool! Here is the site by Neal Agarwal (@nealagarwal) about the deep sea. He also has a bunch of other cool sites at his website. Enjoy!

Lentil chili with cashew sour cream.

Delicious bowl of lentil chili that my wife made. She also made cashew sour cream and cornbread to go with it. Absolutely amazing! Picture is a little messy, but I added more cayenne and chili powder, violife cheddar, nutritional yeast, and the cashew sour cream. I also ended up crumbling a little bit of corn tortilla chips in, but didn’t take a picture of that or the cornbread. 🌢🌽🫘

IMG 0894

How to show/hide desktop icons on macOS

I often want to do this while doing a demo or filming my screen so I’m writing this down so I remember. I found this on and have amended it slightly. Maybe this is a mac app I could make…

To hide:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false && killall Finder

To show:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true && killall Finder

Trip to the local Thai restaurant.

Pictured are spring rolls, yellow curry with tofu, and pad thai with tofu. All delicious, all vegan. The server was even kind enough to realize we were vegan (just by the way we were ordering) and mentioned that something we had planned to get was not vegan. I love when that happens.

A little breakfast for dinner that my wife prepared last night. Homemade biscuits, vegan sausage gravy, and tofu scramble. So delicious. 🀀

This is the meat lovers with cashew cheese from Pizza Head and while it may not look creamy and delicious, looks can be deceiving. It’s phenomenal. Glad you’re aware of how bad STL style pizza is @danielpunkass. It was a shock to me when I moved here.

The most responses I’ve had to a tweet was a picture of a beyond burger. Good thing I’ve got another I want to post. 🀣

I am really a big fan of this Apple keyboard. The wireless one that charges with lightning. I am really not a fan of the half height up/down arrows and full height left/right arrows. Pick a lane Apple!!!

Frying potato tacos. Started with enchilada mix of corn, onion, garlic, zucchini, and salsa verde then mixed in boiled and mashed yellow potatoes. Forgot to take a picture of the finished product. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ