Sichuan restaurant with many vegan options in Charleston, South Carolina

Last weekend we went to a Sichuan Chinese restaurant called Kwei Fei in Charleston, SC that had some amazing labeled vegan options. Often times there are dishes that are vegan, but very rarely are they labeled as such. I was quite happy to try this place and the experience was well worth the wait. They even had an option for my two year old daughter to try so we didn’t have to worry about her eating things that were too spicy (despite the fact that nothing ended up being too spicy for her).

Like most food we’ve had in Charleston it was pretty expensive, but that’s just the price you pay when you want good food and especially when you want vegan food.

The one thing I’ll be sure to ask for next time are little bowls to scoop rice and food into because eating rice on a plate with chopsticks is not fun!

10/10 would go again!

kwei fei sign on outside of restaurant

kwei fei menu

Liang Fen, cold jelly noodles with chili oil and peanuts.

Dry fried green beans. (amazing!!!)

Home-style tofu. (Also amazing!!!)

Good sized portion of rice, though I really enjoy when the Chinese restaurant bring you out a giant bowl with like 6 portions of rice. 🍚

Dan Dan Mian. This is actually what caught my eye when looking up the menu originally months ago, but this was my least favorite. Not enough chili oil or sauce with the dish.