I moved to Charleston, South Carolina recently and we found a Chinese restaurant that had vegan options. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. There were so many options and it had so many things you never see at American Chinese take-out restaurants like eggplant, bok choy, scallion pancakes, and a bunch of different tofu dishes.

Unfortunately only a month and a half after we moved here they announced that they were closing down after 19 years. Fortunately for them, they are having the biggest rush I’ve ever seen in my life. Like 25 people lining up 30 minutes before the restaurant even opens.

Needless to say I really wanted to eat there once more but I’ve been unable to stop in and sit down because we have two young children and they don’t exactly like the idea of waiting.

Today I got lucky and was able to place an order for pick up. I called the minute they opened and they told me I would be the only pick up order because of how busy they got. Seriously, so much luck!

I’m going to miss Red Orchids but it’s nice to see how much of an impact they’ve made on the area.

Today we order General (Tso)’s tofu, sesame tofu, garlic bok choy, and garlic eggplant. Absolutely delicious.

General Tso's tofu, sesame tofu, garlic bok choy, and garlic eggplant with a plate of steamed rice.