Site Analytics with GoatCounter

I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I was very curious about who (if anyone) might be seeing my site. So I looked around a little for an analytics platform I could use that would respect user privacy. I found one called Plausible Analytics that looked really nice, but I didn’t want to pay anything (I know, I know) and I also didn’t want to host anything (which also costs money). I eventually found something called GoatCounter and it seems like it’s just the right tool for the job.

I am shocked to find that not only do people see my site, but apparently it’s more than 1 or 2. From March 31 until now (June 6th), I’ve received 91 page views!? That’s peanuts compared to more established people but I’m pretty happy to learn this.

Something really nice about GoatCounter is that it gives you pretty basic data about who/what is seeing your site. Because I chose something that doesn’t want to infringe on user’s privacy, I can only see browsers, referrers, systems (OSes), device categories (Phones, Large phones, etc.), country of origin, and language. This is a lot, but I am still so curious who is seeing my site.

I doubt many will see this post, but if you’re bored send me an email at and say hello. You can also tweet at me at @nickkacz. If I’ve written anything helpful or useful, I’d love to hear from you.