Ticket to Ride Local multiplayer with DLC maps

** tl;dr you choose the map on your phone, not on the game console. **

I purchased Ticket to Ride on my PlayStation 4 recently after playing the board game. I wanted to play the expansions as well and particularly in local mode so I could play with my wife. When we first purchased the DLC for the game, it was unclear to us how, if it all, to play the other maps. After spending an hour or so looking into it and reading online we couldnโ€™t find anything so we decided to try to get a refund on the DLC and just play the base game. So sad.

Through some sort of luck, we noticed something when playing the base game again after the refundโ€ฆ

A little background first.

When you start the game and choose local mode, the game asks you to install an app on your mobile device so that you can keep your cards to yourself. Makes sense. What we didnโ€™t realize is that the mobile interface is actually how you choose the maps! ยกFantรกstico! In other play modes you choose the map with the controller so we must have missed this earlier.

So like any reasonable person, we bought the DLC again and we were able to play the Europe version of the game! It was so much fun and more challenging than the US map. Highly recommend this game.

Footnote, thanks to Sony for giving us a refund. I also reached out to the company who made the game with the same question and they never got back to me after saying theyโ€™d reach out to the engineers. Amazing that no one had this info so hopefully this post will help some other poor soul who just wants to play the train game.