@maique ah okay. Yeah experiencing the warmth and going back to the cold sucks. I was just in northern California where the low was 7C. It was wonderful. The temperature today in my home state is -10C.

@odd I wish I could’ve posted the video I took. Such a pretty call. It landed like a foot away from me and left within a minute. And I guess it sorta does has arms, but they’re covered in feathers.

@hollyhoneychurch it wasn’t too complex but I’ll ramble out and maybe prove myself wrong. The chickens are the Buffalo gardein. Not sure if they’re sold outside of the US but they’re nice and spicy.

The ranch is about 3/4 cups each vegan Greek yogurt and vegan mayonnaise. Then 1 tsp each, garlic, onion, thyme, parsley, black pepper and salt. I’ll link the recipe that I veganized in case my measurements are off.

ranch recipe

The salad was chopped romaine, carrots, celery, and tomatoes. Just chopped and julienned and all that. I mixed those with the ranch to help make the burrito simpler to roll.

And as always, grilled my tortillas on a hot skillet (comal) and then wrapped and then grilled again for a nice texture/taste/look.

And the tots were covered in whatever ranch was leftover from the salad.

Okay so maybe slightly complex but sooo tasty.

@Denny I use the Seek app to try to identify species and it said it was that or some other grey kind of frog. I see you’re also in MO so I’ll trust you on this one. 😉

@danielpunkass Just posted using that new share menu feature! Thanks so much for your hard work and an amazing app. Can't wait till I'm caught up on @coreint to hear more about the saga of Red Sweater Software. (I'm on episode 420)