@manton As others have stated, Recursion is amazing and so is Dark Matter. I think I read Dark Matter first. It's been a couple years so I'll need to take another look. And also probably check out Wayward Pines.

@inthedeltawaves Last year I lived in my first home and we had a front lawn that teenagers would cut through to get to their house behind mine. It was at that moment that I learned I had become "get off my lawn" incarnate.

@maique I have 2 of them and one is on my laptop. I'll probably never stick the other one because I don't want to lose it! Such a cool sticker.

@inthedeltawaves When I was younger I was an avid skateboarder and I consumed skateboarding media nonstop. When I watch interviews with them now I feel such a disconnect. Reminds me of the Principal Skinner meme. I think I'm Principal Skinner in this case. 🤣