HTMLInputElement type number fun fact

I am a web developer by day and was working on a feature that was supposed to create an input field that could only accept numbers. Super easy right?!

<input type="number" />

I’m demoing said feature to the client (after having tested this) and I’m bashing on the home row and nothing is printing. I type some numbers and they print. Then I grab some text and paste it in an bam, a single letter e. That’s weird. I try another word. Another letter e. Hmm. I tell the client we’ll look into it.

I shared this with a coworker and they were able to produce the same behavior. I then decided to look up the issue on the internet and of course this is a well known thing. I dig a little deeper and realize that the HTML spec allows for this behavior because of floating point numbers. For instance 2e5.

Anyways, that was a fun little journey.

Link to the HTML spec for input type=number

I was listening to the FunFact (@funfactfm) podcast recently and they mentioned this website. I finally got around to looking at it and it’s so cool! Here is the site by Neal Agarwal (@nealagarwal) about the deep sea. He also has a bunch of other cool sites at his website. Enjoy!

How to show/hide desktop icons on macOS

I often want to do this while doing a demo or filming my screen so I’m writing this down so I remember. I found this on and have amended it slightly. Maybe this is a mac app I could make…

To hide:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false && killall Finder

To show:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true && killall Finder

Drafts custom action to create new draft in current workspace with keyboard shortcut

I made a Drafts custom action that looks at the current workspace, grabs the tags, and applies them to a new draft that is opened in the editor. It also supplies a keyboard shortcut:

(option + control + command + N)


I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do.

Link to action


/// a drafts script that looks for the current workspace 
/// and adds a new draft with the associated tags
/// then opens that draft in the editor

const currentWorkspace = app.currentWorkspace;
const workspaceName =
const tags = currentWorkspace.tagFilter.split(",");

let d = new Draft();
tags.forEach(tag => d.addTag(tag));


It’s kind of odd that we call some plants weeds and some not. If you’re planting a plant and something else is growing with it that you didn’t plant, you’re planting the weed.

Site Analytics with GoatCounter

I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I was very curious about who (if anyone) might be seeing my site. So I looked around a little for an analytics platform I could use that would respect user privacy. I found one called Plausible Analytics that looked really nice, but I didn’t want to pay anything (I know, I know) and I also didn’t want to host anything (which also costs money). I eventually found something called GoatCounter and it seems like it’s just the right tool for the job.

I am shocked to find that not only do people see my site, but apparently it’s more than 1 or 2. From March 31 until now (June 6th), I’ve received 91 page views!? That’s peanuts compared to more established people but I’m pretty happy to learn this.

Something really nice about GoatCounter is that it gives you pretty basic data about who/what is seeing your site. Because I chose something that doesn’t want to infringe on user’s privacy, I can only see browsers, referrers, systems (OSes), device categories (Phones, Large phones, etc.), country of origin, and language. This is a lot, but I am still so curious who is seeing my site.

I doubt many will see this post, but if you’re bored send me an email at and say hello. You can also tweet at me at @nickkacz. If I’ve written anything helpful or useful, I’d love to hear from you.


MarsEdit Download Preview Template Feature

I use an app called MarsEdit to author my blog posts. I really like it and I recommend anyone using a Mac to check it out. Great piece of indie developed software that just works.

Something cool that it enables is the ability to preview your post in the style of your blog. The template that comes with the app isn’t bad but of course it likely doesn’t match your site. In the past I’ve gone into the web inspector in Safari and took the html for my site and put it into the preview template.

I just learned however that MarsEdit has the ability to download a preview template from your website. I clicked the button and ~10 seconds later I have a preview of my site that just works. What an amazing feature. I don’t know if it’s new or not, but really appreciate the coolness factor.

Thanks again Red Sweater Software and @danielpunkass!

Universal Control on macOS and iPadOS

I’ve been using Universal Control since yesterday afternoon and I really love it. It’s seamless and I especially appreciate being able to isolate certain things to the iPad. This is particularly useful because I often pair program at work and it makes it so that I can talk to my wife or whomever without having to stop sharing or share that potentially private info. I wish the iPad could enable some sort of screensaver because I have some worries about it showing the same black text on white screen for most of the workday, but it’s not a deal breaker. If you have the means, I would highly recommend giving it a try. It feels even better because I’m using the Magic Trackpad so I can do all the gesture things on iPadOS.

My dad tried vegan meat and he liked it.

Spent the weekend down at my dad’s house. It was really nice to be out there and have them visit my daughter. It was also nice to bring down some vegan meats and have them try them. I was worried that they’d be like your typical person and shudder at the idea of it, but they tried the burgers and the sausages. I was surprised how much they enjoyed them. They even said they liked the beyond meat breakfast sausages more than they like regular sausage.

What an amazing weekend.

Bit late, but I really don’t understand all the hate for the Apple TV 4 remote. The one with the square touch pad. I almost never accidentally click the touch pad or lose it or anything. I’m sure the new remote is better, but I still don’t understand how there is so much hate.

Never smell an infant's hand

I was discussing with my wife whether we should bathe our baby last night.
I did a quick smell test and she smelled fine.
My wife said that her hands are filthy and she’d need a bath.
I said how filthy could they be, she can’t even grab anything.
I was so wrong.
I was so so so so wrong.
But damn is she cute.
Moral of the story, don’t smell an infant’s hands.
They are filthy.
Though they did smell nice after a good scrubbing. 

Jumping from 25000 feet without a parachute.

I’ve watched this video and seen this headline a couple times and while it’s definitely impressive, it’s important to note that he’s skydiving into a gigantic net.