My dad tried vegan meat and he liked it.

Spent the weekend down at my dad’s house. It was really nice to be out there and have them visit my daughter. It was also nice to bring down some vegan meats and have them try them. I was worried that they’d be like your typical person and shudder at the idea of it, but they tried the burgers and the sausages. I was surprised how much they enjoyed them. They even said they liked the beyond meat breakfast sausages more than they like regular sausage.

What an amazing weekend.

Bit late, but I really don’t understand all the hate for the Apple TV 4 remote. The one with the square touch pad. I almost never accidentally click the touch pad or lose it or anything. I’m sure the new remote is better, but I still don’t understand how there is so much hate.

Never smell an infant's hand

I was discussing with my wife whether we should bathe our baby last night.
I did a quick smell test and she smelled fine.
My wife said that her hands are filthy and she’d need a bath.
I said how filthy could they be, she can’t even grab anything.
I was so wrong.
I was so so so so wrong.
But damn is she cute.
Moral of the story, don’t smell an infant’s hands.
They are filthy.
Though they did smell nice after a good scrubbing. 

Jumping from 25000 feet without a parachute.

I’ve watched this video and seen this headline a couple times and while it’s definitely impressive, it’s important to note that he’s skydiving into a gigantic net.